Listen to Paul Green’s CDs, which present his versatility when it comes to crossing musical genres. Whether he’s playing classical or klezmer music, he’s a virtuoso powerhouse, joined by some of the best musicians in any musical world.

Paul Green - A Bissel Rhythm album“A Bissel Rhythm”

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  1. A Bissel Rhythm 
  2. Zoey’s Chosidl 
  3. My Own Freilach 
  4. Doina and Ramble 
  5. Prelude to the Blues 
  6. Joe’s Hurra 
  7. The Jewish March 
  8. Lisa’s Song 

music coming together Paul Green and Two Worlds CD cover“Music Coming Together”

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  1. Tarrras Doina and Blues
  2. Si la Mar Era de Leche
  3. Yiddish Footprints
  4. Shein vi di L’vone
  5. Der Gasn Nigun
  6. So, Nu
  7. My Funny Jewish Valentine
  8. Los Bilbilicos
  9. Papirosn
  10. Utt da Zay