Private or Online Clarinet Lessons

Learn from a master clarinet teacher at Paul’s home studio or via Skype

Paul Green offers clarinet lessons online. This is your opportunity to learn from a noted clarinet pedagogue no matter where you live. All you need is a computer, a high-speed Internet connection, a webcam, and a Skype account (free at www.skype.com).

Lessons are one hour and are similar to traditional face-to-face lessons. Paul Green can quickly assess your strengths and weaknesses and help you fulfill your potential as a clarinetist and musician. He knows what material, practice routines and advice will get you there. Paul Green can provide:

  • Regular weekly lessons @$75/hour via PayPal
  • Master classes
  • Coaching sessions
  • Audition preparation
  • Instruction in classical, jazz or klezmer music
  • Improvisation techniques

Contact Paul at info@paulgreenmusic.com and set up a time to discuss your lesson goals and to schedule your lessons.

It was with much trepidation that I returned to the clarinet two years ago. But I was introduced to Paul and have met with for instruction almost every week since then. Paul is a superb teacher. He is patient, supportive and encouraging even as he challenges me forward. In addition to his having a fine grasp of clarinet pedagogy, his musicality and his encouragement of my musical expressivity makes each lesson a privilege. —Arnold Cohen, psychiatrist, New York / New Marlborough

Paul brings extraordinary experience, talent, love of teaching and energy to every lesson. His knowledge of all things clarinet is vast — the classical, modern and klezmer repertoire; historical context for the music; alternative approaches to practicing. With Paul, I not only learn how to be a better clarinetist, but I learn how to be a better musician. —Brian Kardon, businessman, Boston, online clarinet student.

Perhaps the most useful thing I can say about being a student of Paul Green is that after only 4 months of lessons I am definitely a better player. Paul has helped me in so many ways: My sound is better – bigger, more rounded, more present; my technique has definitely improved, and most important, I am learning to hear the music better. I have had several clarinet teachers over the years and Paul has been by far the most effective. —Clyde Haberman, Option Institute, Sheffield, MA., former professional saxophone player

Paul Green’s clarinet playing is flawless . . . full of emotion and expertly delivered. In particular, his command of the extreme upper register of the instrument is incomparable.  Not only is he a genius technician on the clarinet, he also delivers with impeccable intonation, smooth and even tone quality throughout, and a sensitivity to every dynamic nuance.  In short, he plays with a complete and thorough command of every aspect of the instrument, the likes of which are rarely seen. He has absolutely no weaknesses as a player. —Roby George, Director of Bands at Indiana State University and formerly Florida International University in Miami



Coaching chamber music and jazz. Photo by Amy D King, Kings Designs