A Bissel Rhythm

Homepage - Large ImageA Bissel Rhythm (2019)

Composer and clarinetist Paul Green’s second recorded exploration into the fusion between jazz and Jewish music.

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PAUL GREEN/A Bissel Rhythm: No, it’s not an experimental set paying tribute to a vacuum cleaner. With a feeling that Mickey Katz could jump out at any time and start singing “Essen” or that this could turn up in a movie soundtrack under a Jewish wedding or party scene, clarinetist Green continues his Jewish/jazz fusion with moves that frequently move beyond the pale, but not too far. Sprightly and spirited, this is a fine modern take on another oppressed people cutting loose and having a good time. Take that ya Czar, you! —Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Music Coming Together Paul Green and Two Worlds CD coverMusic Coming Together (2016)

Music Coming Together is a fusion of jazz and klezmer tunes performed by Two Worlds, featuring arrangements by Paul Green.

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PAUL GREEN/Music Coming Together: Yeah, yeah, yeah, others have melded jazz and klezmer in the past, but how many of them were hot shot classical musicians who’s grand father was a cantor—and never knew it? As much inward journey as experimentation, if anything, Green’s mash up has led him to his inner Kurt Weill and you can hear these melodies fitting easily into “Lost in the Stars” or “Three Penny Opera” without any problem, even as he does tongue in cheek riffs on Miles and Wayne Shorter.  While Green may not be sure if this recording is michik or fleishik, it’s a pretty dazzling set of adult, instrumental music with a world beat edge. A nifty treat that takes you beyond the pale, this is sure bet when you want to get into some pure listening music that won’t let you down. Well done. — CENTAUR

Return to the Concert Stage_2011Return to the Concert Stage (2011)

A triumphant solo recital at Merkin Concert Hall with Carol Archer, piano, and The Alexander String Quartet.

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Klezmer East, Traditional Favorites_2011Klezmer East: Traditional Favorites (2011)

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