“A Bissel Rhythm” Named One of the Best Jazz Albums of 2019

The Chicago Tribune has named “A Bissel Rhythm,” my latest CD with Two Worlds, one of the Best Jazz Albums of 2019. Here’s what Howard Reich wrote in his roundup of the year’s top ten jazz albums:

Jazz and Jewish music share a long and beautiful history, which clarinetist-composer Green traced on an earlier album, “Music Coming Together.” This time, rather than record songs reflecting both idioms, Green has written original compositions that give him and his colleague’s freer reign in which to experiment. The music—sometimes joyous, sometimes mournful—attests to these artists’ conversance with two alluring musical languages.

As many of you know, I didn’t get serious about jazz until I was in my 50s, so it’s thrilling and gratifying to see my hard work pay off. I am grateful to Big Round Records, a division of PARMA Recordings, and to my Two World colleagues—tenor saxophonist Charles Tokarz, guitarist Jason Ennis, pianist Ben Kohn, bass player Daniel Broad, and drummer Peter Sweeney—from whom I’ve learned so much. Each of these musicians can really feel both jazz and klezmer. They’re great at negotiating the differences between the two genres in their own playing but can also respond to the ebb and flow in the playing of their colleagues. Click here to see the original article and full list of Reich’s picks